Ultimate Longevity

DOWN TO EARTH (runtime: 15:20)

DOWN TO EARTH is a fascinating 15 minute documentary short that chronicles the fascinating discovery of grounding and provides a quick but thorough overview of the science and benefits. This documentary gives an excellent introduction to the concept of grounding.


THE EARTHING MOVIE (runtime: 1:16:01)

Winner of the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary Film at the 2019 Dances with Films Festival in Hollywood, CA, THE EARTHING MOVIE chronicles the fascinating true story and the impressive science behind the awe-inspiring discovery of grounding — what many have called ‘The Most Important Health Discovery of All Time’.

NOTE: THE EARTHING MOVIE is the full-length version of the 15 minute documentary short, DOWN TO EARTH (see above)


Once you watch THE EARTHING MOVIE, I highly recommend you watch the additional documentaries and videos on this page by scrolling down below.

THE GROUNDED Documentary Film (runtime: 1:04:46)

THE GROUNDED is an inspiring full-length documentary film chronicling the astonishing healing transformation of one man and his profound impact on the residents of his small hometown in Alaska. Filmed and produced by renowned National Geographic wildlife filmmaker, Steve Kroschel.


Grounding: Accelerated Recovery & Wound Healing in the Tour de France [runtime: 2:48]

Dr Jeff Spencer from the U.S. Postal Service and Discovery Channel Pro Cycling teams discusses the vital role grounding played in accelerated recovery and wound healing in several Tour de France victories.


Inflammation & Pain Thermography Imaging Research Study on Grounding (see astonishing before and after images)

Medical thermography (infrared imaging) is used by doctors and scientists to photograph inflammation and poor circulation in the body. The 20 medical thermography case studies documented in this clinical research study provide before and after thermography images showing the elimination of inflammation and return of normal circulation after grounding. Each case study also includes a summary of each patient’s original issues and the life-changing improvements they received after grounding.


The Science Behind Grounding (20+ peer-reviewed research studies)

Get a quick overview of the results of the extensive scientific research conducted on grounding. Then dive deep with easy-to-read summaries of 12 of the over 20 impressive peer-reviewed research studies.