Massage Wellness

Aromatherapy Relaxation

Relaxes the body and mind

Lavender infused oil to relax your

mind. Gentle pressure to soothe

out the tension.

1 Hour $75



Rebalance your body

Light to medium pressure massage.

Designed to relax the body, while

decreasing muscle tension and

increasing circulation.

1 Hour $75

Deep Tissue  

Reduces chronic muscle tightness

Firm to deep pressure massage.

Focus on relieving tight muscles

and discomfort in the body.

1 Hour $85



Relax the mother to be

Gentle and nurturing massage for

the mother to be.

1 Hour $75

Head, Neck & Shoulders  

Upper body tension reducer

Untie the knots in upper back

and shoulders, then melt away

stress with a relaxing neck and

scalp massage.

45 Minutes $60


Therapeutic Massage

Trigger Point & Deep Tissue

Reduce lactic acid build up which

can cause sore muscle. A deep tissue

massage while getting the knots

out with trigger point therapy.

1 Hour $75


Meditative Massage

Relaxation for the Body & Mind

For the body that is affected by

environmental stressors, such as

work and home related stress.

1 Hour $70


Salt Stone Massage

Detox the Body & Mind

Himalayan salt stone massage

aids in detoxing the body helping

to relax body and mind.

1 Hour $80


Beautiful Faces

Make every day your best face day!

Your skin can change rapidly based on

environment, stress level and diet. Facials

can help reduce blemishes and promote

healthy cellular turnover to keep your skin

looking its best at any age. Facials include

relaxing massage for your face, neck and

upper body.  


True Skin Relaxing  Facial

Our signature facial, customized to your

skin’s specific needs. Focus is on detoxifying

and nourishing your skin with botanical

skincare products. Good for all skin types.

1 Hour  $70


Acne Reduction  

Bright & Clean Complexion

Focus on reducing breakouts and deep

pore cleansing.   Gentle cleansing to

calm the skin, Customized purifying

mask for oil reduction and minimizing

appearance of pores.

1 Hour  $70

Acne Express Facial

Deep Pore Cleansing facial

Focus on extractions.

Reduce breakouts and deep

pore cleansing.

30 Minutes $35



Counter act signs of aging

Discourage aging with a customized

facial to reduce the appearance

of fine lines and wrinkles. Enzyme

exfoliation to lift dead skin cells and

promote cellular turnover. Anti-Aging

mask to tighten and tone the skin.

1 Hour  $75

facial treatments



Powerful exfoliation treatment to

resurface the skin to reduce signs

of aging, acne and facials scars.

30 minutes $50

Glycolic Tx

Exfoliation treatment removes dead skin

cells and sebum from pores, reduces

pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

30 minutes $50

Add on to any facial

Collagen Mask $10

Reflexology Facial

Whole Body wellness

Customized cleaning and exfoliation

with botanical products to rebalance

the skin. Reflexology points on the face

hands and feet to stimulate the body’s

healing energy to improve the skin’s

health while relaxing the body and mind.

1 ½ Hours $110           


Organic Facial

Good enough to eat facial

All organic products customized to calm

and nourish your skin. While relaxing in

a Zen like atmosphere.

Good for all skin types.

1 Hour $80


Lymphatic Drainage Facial

Reduce the puff and redness                                                

Customized facial to reduce redness from

Rosacea and acne. Helps to reduce swelling

around eyes and sinuses.

1 Hour $75

A Facial just for backs

Acne just doesn’t appear on the face. The back

is the second most common place for clog pores

and blemishes to appear. Focus on acne reduction

and exfoliation for a back to be shown off.

45 Minutes. $65

Just for men

Men’s Facial

Tailored skin care for the man’s face

Rejuvenate your skin’s appearance with

a customized treatment just for you.

Reduce signs of aging and stress with

one session.

1 Hour $70



Eyebrow       $8

Lip                 $6

Half Leg       $22

Whole Leg   $35

Bikini            $25

Back             $45

Chest           $40

Energy Work

Chakra Balancing

Healing energy technique which

promotes balance and wellbeing

in the body and mind.

1 Hour $60



Pressure point massage Table version.

Japanese based massage. Balances the body

through pressure points along the meridians.

Gets your energy flowing with joint mobility

and stretching of major muscle groups.

Massage done through clothing gentle for

all ages.

1 Hour $60



Rebalance your body

Ancient art of manipulating reflexes to

Stimulates the body’s natural healing

ability. Reflexology is can be done on the feet,

hands and face. Reflexology aids in detoxifying

the body and promotes healthy circulation.

Benefits including reducing insomnia, headaches,

anxiety, digestion and more…

1 Hour $65